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From Zero to Six Figures in 3 Months Ft. Amanda Watkins

Episode 3: Click Here to Listen   Amanda Watkins is a business coach who shares with us how she managed to start her online boutique and bring it from zero to 6 figures in 3 months! And no it wasn’t easy but with a little persistence, determination, and tweaking what didn’t work she made it happen. She’s been at it since 17 years old and is now 22 having 5 years in business. Listen today as she shares her story of being an online entrepreneur. From Today’s Episode: Amanda Watkins Business IG: @Slaybyauniversity Personal IG: @Stylingwitha Book You Must Read: Think and Grow Rich for Women  <<<CLICK TO GRAB YOUR COPY Host: Eliza Cabrera @elizacabrera01 @BILLIONAIRECOMINGSOON    

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Breaking Generational Curses in the Latino Community Ft. Jessenia Vargas

Episode 1: Click Here to Listen Get to listen to the story about how Jessenia Vargas went from having a dream of becoming a dancer and singer to now being a financial adviser. Listen to her wonderful story on how she was able to go from auditions to opening up her own Financial Advising franchise office in Queens NYC. Changing the generational curses in the Latino community. From Today’s Episode: Jessenia Vargas IG @Missmoneycoach FB @Missmoneycoach Book You Must Read: Outwitting The Devil  <<<CLICK TO GRAB YOUR COPY Host: Eliza Cabrera @elizacabrera01 @BILLIONAIRECOMINGSOON   

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How to not let the fear of failure stop you Ft. Kemishia Sorzano

Episode 1: Click Here to Listen Hey Ladies! In this episode, I interview my partner from the Social Tea Kemisha Sorzano. Kemisha is a Motivational Speaker and Publisher who shares with us her journey on how she was able to publish her first book which features 39 women from all over the country. Listen to how she stays motivated, and how she's been able to accomplish this and many other ventures. From Today's Episode: Kemisha Sorzano: @oloritrini @Stroyforthegods <<<GET FEATURED IN VOLUME 2<<< BECOME AN AUTHOR! @the_socialtea <<<JOIN THE NEXT LINK, WOMEN'S NETWORKING GROUP<<< Book You Must Read: The Coldest Winter Ever <<<CLICK TO GRAB YOUR COPY Host: Eliza Cabrera @elizacabrera01 @BILLIONAIRECOMINGSOON

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From a Beyonce Challenge to Vegan/ Full Time Entrepreneur

Episode 5: Click here to Listen   Yelixsa Mattehews From a Beyonce challenge to literally becoming vegan full time to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Yelixsa has a beautiful story on how she was lead to her purpose and is now impacting lives by educating and being a resource for those in her community who need the support of being a vegan. It wasn’t easy but she was able to transition to full-time entrepreneur and is still on her journey. Listen today to her story and how she was able to do it.  From Today’s Episode: Yelixsa Mattehews IG: Vegan_N_Green >>Educate Yourself & Shop:  Book You Must Read: Girl Wash Your Face 

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