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Helping Corporate dropouts transition to Entrepreneurship ft. Marie Deaveaux

Episode 13: Click Here to Listen  Business management practice and used that to fuel her passion for helping specifically women of color manage their business. She understands the importance of not relying on one job as your source of income. She gives some great tips on the importance of personal development and small ways to help with your mindset to help grow your business. From Today’s Episode: Marie Deaveaux <<<Check out her weekly blog and services FB: Marie Deaveaux  IG: Urahightide  Book You Must Read: Dr.Susan Campbell Getting Real Host: Eliza Cabrera @elizacabrera01 @BILLIONAIRECOMINGSOON  

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How this Domestic Violence Survivor Turned her Pain into a Profitable Business Ft. Jennifer Gonzalez

Episode 12: Click Here to Listen  This episode is deep, real, and goood!!! Jennifer is living proof of a true survivor. Her cupcake business has brought her peace and happiness. She’s a YouTube self-taught baker, teen mom of 2, domestic violence survivor. Please tell me what is your excuse again? You are going to want to listen to this story. No matter where you are in your journey Jennifer really shares her truth and how she’s doing it and inspiring women and children everywhere. From Today’s Episode: Jennfier Gonazaelz IG: Laduclevidacupcakery  Host: Eliza Cabrera @elizacabrera01 @BILLIONAIRECOMINGSOON  

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From Depression to Christian Mindset Coach Ft. Samantha White

Episode 9: Click Here to Listen  From Depression to Christian Mindset Coach Samantha is on a mission to help Christian women overcome depression and low self-esteem. As someone who was affected by depression after undergoing some trauma in her teenage years. She understands the pain and confusion in can cause you and that there are right ways to cope and wrong ways to cope. After coping the wrong way, she's been able to overcome her depression and is now using her pain to help other women to heal and find peace.  Listen to her story today.  From Today’s Episode: Samantha White  IG: ConsultPostivity Grab the Overcoming Depression Beta Course  Book You Must Read: Sula Toni Morrison<<<CLICK TO GRAB YOUR...

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What it Takes to Fire Your Boss Ft. Kyesha Williams

Episode 4: Click Here to Listen    Kyesha Williams is a Business Strategist who is helping women quit their 9-5 and get paid for their purpose. This is not another cliche. This woman has worked hard for where she is today. With 3 daughters she was able to pursue her dreams to entrepreneurship. It was not easy, but she is here to share with you all how she did it and is still doing it. Take a listen now!  From Today’s Episode: Kyesha Williams  IG @Kyesha_Williams  FB @Kyesha Williams  >>>Networking APP: Shapr >>>Get The Free Boot camp open until JULY ONLY!  Event you must attend: Afros & Mimosas NYC: Get Your Ticket!  Host: Eliza Cabrera IG@elizacabrera01 FB@elizacabrera  @BILLIONAIRECOMINGSOON   ...

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